About Dinner For A Cause, Spring 2023

The Dee Dee Jackson Foundation is pleased to announce Amelia Green as the Guest of Honor at our Spring 2023 Dinner For A Cause event! 

Amelia is an incredibly inspiring and compassionate human being who has dedicated herself to being a devoted mother to her children: Alex, Cameron & Bradley. 

A staunch advocate for Alex, who was diagnosed at 16 months with Nonverbal Autism & Epilepsy, Amelia has worked tirelessly to support Alex in any way she can, including achieving her Associates, Undergraduate and Masters Degrees in Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis to be better equipped to care for Alex in the best way possible.

At nine years old, Alex’s diagnosis was  changed to Refractory Medication-Resistant Epilepsy and he was seizing almost daily. 

The following years would be filled with countless appointments with specialists, trips to the emergency room and weeks spent in the hospital — sometimes in the ICU. 

Amelia decided to focus on improving the everyday quality of life, not just for Alex, but also for the other members of her family. They found friends who became family, a beautiful home to make their own and joy & happy memories both in their community and around the country. Going to the beach as a family every year was a highlight. The pure joy of all three boys in the waves will never be matched.

With the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the risks for Alex became greater and the family focused even more on finding the joy, love and of course, safety, in every day. 

After years of fighting to keep him here, Alex was lost to a seizure during the night on March 7, 2021, two weeks before his 14th birthday.  

The devastation of this loss has been felt far and wide as Alex & the pure joy he naturally exuded touched so many lives. Mostly he touched and changed Amelia's life — for the better. 

After years of unconditional love and advocacy, Amelia was left to face a life without her cause, her compass, her reason. 

In the 2 years that have followed this devastating loss, Amelia has woken up every single day intent on one mission — to find ‘Alex Level Joy’ in each and every day for Alex's brothers, Cameron and Bradley, as well as herself. 

It is through perpetuating joy & love and fighting for a better quality of life for people with disabilities that Amelia keeps Alex and his legacy alive. 

Alex showed the world that love needs no words and Amelia hopes to continue to teach his message and further his impact on the world by telling his story. 

We are so honored to celebrate Amelia Green and spread the legacy of ‘Alex Level Joy’!